Zombie Mess

A Little Free-to-Play MMO

Barricaded in a House

Zombie Mess implements the classic 'barricaded' game mechanics (think early Nazi Zombies). One difference is that zombies don't simply follow the player. Instead, they cooperate and try to corner him. Another major difference is the persistent game world and character. This is the MMORPG side of Zombie Mess. An engaged player would choose a profession (mechanic, doctor or thief), customize and develop his character, make trades with other players, protect his neighbors.

Trade, Present, Steal

When another wave of zombies is killed off, it is time to replenish your inventory. You will need first aid kits for your character, ammo for his weapons, barriers for the house. You can buy these items from other players or the game itself. Your neighbour in the game can present you with a free gift of an item. Finally, you can try to steal items from other players.

Awesome Weapons

Zombie Mess gives you a shotgun and grenades at the start. Then you can work up to the assault rifle and the rocket launcher. Also, there are trap mines that can be used on both zombies and other players.